Words from some of our satisfied customers.

Following a severe storm that sent a large tree crashing through our roof, Covan Construction proved to be an invaluable resource in getting our home and lives back to normal. We had never had anything happen like this before, and admittedly we had no idea where to begin. Despite poor lines of communication from the storm that evening, Mr. Covan remained diligent, following up with us early the next morning. Immediately he set to work on getting the tree removed from our home, and setting up the logistics to begin repairs. As soon as the tree was removed, our home was secured to prevent any further damage from the elements as he quickly lined up the next steps. His sense of compassion and sympathy for our sudden and unexpected situation provided us a sense of reassurance. Mr. Covan demonstrated his adept experience with the insurance company to alleviate much of the stress and confusion on our end. He explained how the process works, and handled much of the communication regarding the repairs and payments. Steve stayed in continuous touch with us, detailing what repair was to be performed, and in the event something hindered one repair, he made arrangements to have another of the repairs be completed to keep the process moving forward. In addition, he took the extra measure to make sure all repairs were structurally sound through an engineer, thus receiving approval by the county and inspectors, and securing the value to our home. His attention to detail was paramount; no shortcuts were taken, and we really appreciated that, despite our desire to have all this disruption behind us as soon as possible. On account of Mr. Covan, the entire process was smoother than we ever could have imagined, and we were able to return to normalcy in a rather short time. I certainly hope to never to deal with such a damaging weather situation as this again, but in the unfortunate event that it does, the first call I make will be to Mr. Covan. I cannot sing his praises enough. David & Christine Sabio
My family and I would love to thank you for your excellence in service, work, and deed. You were the sense of calmness and the voice of reasoning during the reconstruction process, from the time I called you from Oklahoma and told you about our hurricane damage. Your quick response ensured that we suffered minimum damage and made my neighbors question the slow reactions from their insurance companies and contractors. Your team completely covered the roof before the insurance company came out to make an assessment. You completed the repairs before many of our neighbors work were started. So thanks from my family, and I thank you for our insurance company for saving them money too. You went above and beyond your duties and obligations. Howard K., Fayetteville, NC

The fire was one of the worst experiences of our life, very traumatic emotionally and physically.  We sustained a lot of smoke damage, lost property and had to move out of our house immediately.  We felt homeless and displaced.  Never had we gone through such a thing and had no history to draw on and no idea of what to do next.  Mr. Covan and his very capable crew were truly a godsend at this time, the day after the fire they had the wet carpeting removed, fans installed and saved us from a mold incidence.  Mr. Covan stated he would do his best to have us back in our home within 4-6 weeks and we actually were able to move back in 4 weeks.  Our home is even more beautiful than before the fire.  Everything was thoroughly cleaned, repainted, re sheetrock, the attention to detail was outstanding!  Mr. Covan, his staff and the sub-contractors he used were all very professional and sympathetic to our loss and needs.  I almost feel guilty that our home looks go great now.

Jayne K.

Thank you so much for your keen eye to detail, dedication, compassion, friendship and professionalism in the completion of the house.  I appreciate you, CJ and Anna so very much.  I am so excited about getting home!  Thank you for everything.

Jane S.

Mr. Covan,

I had a huge leak in my bathroom that eventually destroyed most of the entire room, as well as the sink, shower, and walls. I would like to Thank You so much for your professional service. When I first received your call my bathroom was in bad shape, the pipes were ruined, and my family had gone a few days without water. You quickly gave me outstanding advice, gave me access to water, and reassured me that you were going to handle the situation. From the start you were completely hands on, and walked me through the entire process. I was not left out on any of the details, and you included me and my wife's input on every single aspect of the construction. To have the executive contractor call me regularly, visit daily, and oversee the entire remodel was so refreshing. It is hard to find a contractor who cares more about the customer than they do their profit, you have set the bar high in this aspect. Your crew was extremely proficient, competent, and very respectful. Their work can be seen in the final outcome of our bathroom. From the paint, to the floor, even down to the fixtures, there were no comers cut. Your staff installed everything with precise details, and it was done right the first time. They even worked in a constrained environment, considering that we have children, and a dog that sometimes get in the way. The process itself was very well planned, and you took consideration into my schedule while setting up your crew. It was very efficient, the plumber would leave, then the crew would arrive to install their portion, and this remained continuous for the entire project. I truly appreciate your commitment to service, and desire to achieve the best results in all of your projects. It is displayed in the final outcome of your work. Our bathroom is beautiful, and immediately updates our home, and lifestyle. Sincerely, thank you very much, and I would recommend your services to anyone.

Sfc/US Army Special Forces